7 example emails you can use to create a follow-up sequence that converts!

Flipped Lifestyle Sales Funnel

This is the sales funnel we use to guide our email follow-up sequence. Note: The emails in this guide are not the exact emails we use. We have simplified them to make them useful for those just beginning to leverage email marketing.

The Thank You Page After Someone Opts in

Your thank you page must be set up correctly to kickstart your autoresponder sequence.  Many email filters will send your 1st email to spam, bulk, or promotions folders. As soon as someone opts in, they must be redirected to a thank you page that tells them to check their email and find that first message.

If your subscriber doesn’t get the first email, they won’t get the others. It is critical you tell them to check their spam folders to find your email.

Also, do not redirect the subscriber to the lead magnet.  Train your subscribers that they get the good stuff when they open your emails or people will use fake addresses to get your lead magnets.

Email #1: Deliver & Indoctrinate

Email #1: Your first follow-up email must deliver on your promise and deliver the lead magnet to the subscriber.

Make your subject clear and mention your brand in the subject line.  Be clear, not clever.  Your subscriber is looking for this email, make it easy to find.

Don’t attach files.  Make subscribers click a link back to your site. You want to train your subscribers to open your emails, and click links so this process will be a habit when you send them offers later.

Finally, indoctrinate your subscribers. Tell them other places you appear online: your Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

If you can get them to follow you in other places, you will have a second point of contact in case they unsubscribe or stop getting your emails.

Your goal for your first email is simple: make sure your subscriber finds it, opens it, and clicks back to your page.

Sample Email #1:

Deliver & Indoctrinate

Email #1

Subject: Here is your free guide to choosing a niche from Flipped Lifestyle! Hi {NAME}

We are so thankful you decided to join our newsletter!

Here is your free gift:

The Flipped Lifestyle Guide to Choosing a Niche &  Starting an Online Business!

Click the link below for instant access!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

We can’t wait to help you build & grow your online business!

-Shane & Jocelyn

PS: Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite social media network! 

We love to talk to our audience online! 

Click your favorite network below and like or follow us!

Email #2: The Cool Unexpected Bonus

Email #2 should be sent the day following Email #1.

It is important to get back in your subscriber’s inbox fast so he/she doesn’t forget about opting into your email list, and you can start building a relationship.

We like to send a second free gift to our new subscribers.

It’s a good idea to send something that supports the original lead magnet.

Maybe your lead magnet is a PDF checklist or an ebook explaining a process.

The “Cool Unexpected Bonus” could be a video presentation or ecourse that supports the same material.

Don’t be long winded here.  The goal is to quickly make your subscriber feel special, and make them happy fast.  Show them you are a giver, and want to share content that they need.

Sample Email #2:

The Cool Unexpected Bonus

Email #2

Subject: Here is your free guide to choosing a niche from Flipped Lifestyle!


We hope you enjoyed The Flipped Lifestyle Guide to Choosing a Niche &  Starting an Online Business!

We have an amazing three video series that takes the information to the guide in the next level!

If you thought the guide was good, wait until you see the videos!

You can access the guide at the link below for free!

Watch the videos today! You will have your niche picked out and your online business started in no time!

-Shane & Jocelyn

PS: If you liked the guide we sent you yesterday, you are going to LOVE our free video series for choosing a niche and starting an online business!

Click here to watch the videos right now, for free!

Email #3: Open a 2-way Conversation

Email #3 is designed to gather data from your subscribers by asking them what they are struggling with, what they need help with, and how can you help them meet those needs.

This is a simple email that invites the subscriber to contact you.

People want to be listened to; they want to be heard. Online business and email marketing is a conversation, not a lecture. You must give your subscribers that opportunity to be heard, or they will find someone else who will listen to them.

Once again, make people come back to your site. Don’t ask them to a reply.

Put a contact form on your site, and give them a link back to where you do business online.

Sample Email #3: Open a 2-way Conversation

Email #3

Subject: What do you need help with right now? Let us know… Hi {NAME}

Starting an online business can be tough.  We’ve been there.

There is just so much to do when you start out, it can be a challenge to know what to do next.

We want you to know that you are not alone.

We want to help your family succeed.

What do you need help with right now in your online business? Ask!

The link below is a special contact form that goes directly to our inbox.

Submit your question and we will help you figure out what to do next!

Email #4: The Introductory Offer

Email #4 is the first time you will make an offer to your new subscriber.

This can be a small product, a massive discount on a larger product, or something else of great value (maybe a 10 minute call with you for a low price).

This should be a “no brainer” offer for your avatar / audience. We like the price to be between $19 and $39.

Many people online do introductory offers for as little as $1. The price doesn’t matter.

The goal is to figure out which of your subscribers are just wanting free stuff, and which subscribers will pay for your services.

If they will buy a small introductory offer, they will often buy a larger full priced offer. It’s time to turn prospects into customers!

Sample Email #4: The Introductory Offer

Email #4

Subject: Have you created a product yet?

Hi {NAME},

Creating a product online is the critical first step in starting an online business.

Nothing else matters: not starting a blog, not creating content, not even email marketing.

If you don’t have a product to sell, you don’t have a business; you have a hobby called blogging.

We want to help you create an amazing digital product that will help you earn extra income online for your family.

Imagine if you had an extra $500 a month.  What would you do with that money?

  • Pay off debts?
  • Take a vacation?
  • Finally stop renting, and buy a home?

Selling digital products online are a great way to generate extra money.

Think about it, if you sold a $50 ebook or ecourse, you would only need 10 sales a month to make that extra $500!

We have a course that shows you exactly how to create your first digital product!

This course is usually only available to members of our Flip Your Life community. But we are offering it right now exclusively to our email subscribers!

Click this link to learn how to create your first digital product!

This is an email subscriber exclusive.  Make sure you act on this offer right now!

Shane & Jocelyn

PS: Our “Create Your 1st Digital Product” course is usually only offered in our member area, and has previously sold for as much as $447!  You can get access right now for only $39!

This is an email subscriber exclusive.  Make sure you take advantage of this deal right now.

Email #5:

Introductory Offer Reminder

Email #5 is a simple follow up to email #4 to remind the subscriber to take action.

You must inject scarcity and/or exclusivity into this email to make sure your subscribers will take action.  If you don’t, it won’t convert. You must create urgency to convert.

You should be converting around 5-10% of your subscribers to your introductory offer (this wildly varies from niche to niche, but this is a good benchmark to see if your offer is resonating with your audience).

NOTE: If someone on your list buys your introductory offer, you need to upsell them IMMEDIATELY on the thank you page for that product.  Take advantage of their purchasing momentum and offer them a larger more expensive product, a great deal on your membership site, or a discount on whatever you are selling.  You will convert many sales off the back end of a less expensive product.

Sample Email #5: Introductory Offer Reminder

Email #5

Subject: Don’t forget… Hi {NAME},

We just wanted to remind you about your ecourse on creating a digital product to sell online.

Our “Create Your First Digital Product” course is usually only offered in our member area, and has previously sold for as much as $447!  You can get access right now for only $39!

This is an email subscriber exclusive.  Make sure you take advantage of this deal right


Email #6: The WOW Unexpected Bonus

Email #6 is a chance to blow your subscriber’s mind.

In Email #2 we gave our new subscriber a cool little bonus, something that made him or her smile; a compliment to the original lead magnet.

Now its time to make their head explode with awesomeness.

Use this email to give away something that is obviously a product that is worth money.

Something with loads of value.

The more related it is to the original lead magnet and cool unexpected bonus from Email #2 the better.

Your goal with this email is to get your subscriber thinking “goodness, if this is the free stuff, how valuable is the paid stuff?!?!”

Sample Email #6: The WOW Unexpected Bonus

Email #6

Subject: Free ecourse on creating Webinars…

Hi {NAME},

There is no better way to sell a digital product than on a webinar.

You have a live audience actively engaging with you and your content.  An audience who clearly has the exact problem your products solve!

Nothing converts sales like a live webinar.

However, it can be complicated to set up a webinar.

It’s also tough to get people to attend, especially if you don’t have a huge audience.

Don’t worry…we’ve got your back!

We are now offering a free ecourse on setting up and marketing webinars for you digital products!

We show you exactly how to:

  • Create your first webinar in 20 minutes or less
  • Market your webinar (including facebook ads)
  • Get people to come to your webinar, even if you don’t have a list Everything you need to run your first webinar ASAP!

We know people that charge over $1000 for similar Webinar courses.

You can get access to our course 100% for FREE!

Just for being a newsletter subscriber! Click the link below to get unlimited access to our Webinar course right now!

Sample Email #6:

The WOW Unexpected Bonus

PS:  Our free course on setting up your first webinar is an email subscriber exclusive.  Don’t share this link or forward this email…it’s for your eyes only. 

We like to reward action takers like you!  So click the link below and watch our free webinar course right now!

Email #7:

Going All In – Make the Pitch

Email #7 is the end of a journey for your subscriber.

For 2-3 weeks you have given them incredible value, above and beyond the original promise you made with your opt-in pitch and your lead magnet.

Some will have already turned into customers. Some will eventually buy what you are selling. Some will never spend a dime with you (and that’s OK).

It’s time to draw a line in the sand; time to sift the customers from the subscribers who are just not ready to buy what you are selling.

Email #7 has 2 goals. 

The first is to communicate that the free freebies are done. We will let them know that all future emails will simply be newsletter content, announcements and notifications of new content.  The second goal is to communicate if they want the awesomeness to continue, they will need to buy your primary offer.  For us this is a membership to our Flip Your Life community.

For you it might be something different.  Whatever it is, the free ride is over.

Sample Email #7:

Going All In – Make the Pitch

Email #7

Subject: Thanks for joining Flipped Lifestyle…

Hey {NAME}

Thank you so much for joining the Flipped Lifestyle newsletter!

We hope you have enjoyed all the valuable content we have sent you:

  • Our guide to choosing your niche and starting your online business
  • Our ecourse on creating your first digital product
  • Our free video series on setting up and marketing your 1st webinar We hope they have helped you reach some of your online goals!

All future emails will be general broadcasts about our podcast and blog posts.

The rest of our training courses on building and growing a successful online business are located in our premium Flip Your Life Community!

The Flip Your LIfe Community is our exclusive community where we help hundreds of entrepreneurs on a daily basis make their online dreams a reality.

Sample Email #7: Going All In – Make the Pitch

Email #7 (continued)

What is Flip Your Life? Why is Flip Your Life (FYL) different?

We (Shane & Jocelyn) are actually in the community leading, giving advice, and helping you

build and grow your online business!  We lead the group and are their to help you when you need it most. 

You are not alone! You will be surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs who are members

of the FYL community. Need a mastermind? This membership is for you!

Realistic milestones and goals! We understand what it’s like working full time, balancing family

life, and trying to build a successful online business.  We keep it real, and will help you manage your time, balance life and work, and give you the training you need to reach your goals!

We are doing this for YOU! Flipped Lifestyle is a true passion project for us.  Our goal is not to

make millions.  Our goal is to help 1000 people “flip their life” and change their family’s future through online business.  We want to help you too!

Flip Your Life gives you the community, accountability, training and coaching YOU need to

successfully build & grow your online business!

We hope we have helped you start your online journey.

Now we want to take you to the next level as a member of our Flip Your Life Community!

Click this link to learn more about the Flip Your Life community membership!

We can’t wait to personally work with you, and help your family live a Flipped Lifestyle just like us!

See you inside the Flip Your Life membership!

Shane & Jocelyn

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Need help with your email marketing?

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